Soy Free Vegan Recipes

Soy Free Vegan Recipes

Soy free vegan recipes for any occasion, simple soy free veganised recipes for everyone and anyone. This section is for those avoiding soy for whatever reason, whether you’re allergic to soy, or it just doesn’t agree with you.

There are many arguments discussing whether soy is good for you, which is a common reason why a good majority of people do avoid using it.

Is soy good for you?

Quite a majority of people express a form of intolerance or allergy toward soy, people tend to avoid it as it may cause stomach upsets, bloating and general discomforts. Another aspect of soy that people prefer to avoid is the presence of isoflavones found in soy, which could be harmful if the behave like estrogen in the body.

There’s also the argument that plant-based estrogen doesn’t behave the same way when digested as estrogen from an animal based food, i.e. milk. Regardless soy can be beneficial for some, but it does seem to not sit well with a general group of people alike experiencing stomach discomforts.

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