Review: Foodie Bag

foodie bag in motion

Looking for a definitive bag for all your food blogger-ey needs? Check out this Foodie bag from the Paper Bag Co. 

This bag literally has everything you need to become a food blogger, from a handy zip-up tote bag to light reflectors and gorgeous backgrounds for you to play with. In this bag you literally get everything except the camera!

Close up of it on the street

This bag came as a real help for a permanent shopping bag, and a quick background when everything’s cluttered. Let’s go through the bag in more detail…

What’s in the foodie bag?

Firstly, the bag itself comes with two inner compartments, one separated by netting, and a zip pouch where you can store your valuables. 

The bag itself looks pretty dope, and is stylish to wear as a tote bag. Better than carrying home your grocery bags!

This is no simple everyday bag though, it comes with many other goodies. 


The bag comes with a tube, therein contains an array of backdrops. These backdrops are in A2, so there’s plenty of space to get your closeups. 

The patterns range from stone-like, marble textures with colours ranging from charcoal greys to whites, to mimic boujie kitchen countertops I don’t have (lol). With this, you’ve got backgrounds for every mood. 

Backdrops for days…

Light reflectors

These are great for making the most out of your lighting. Once again, with different options to explore, depending on your mood.

Top tip: If you’ve got a lot of natural light in the home, try to directly reflect it onto the shot. 

Reflectors, with light softener, gold and silver shiny sides for extra pazazz.

Photo inspiration postcards

If you’re lost for how to use the backdrops, rest assured knowing you also have photo examples with photography tips on the back.

So even if you’re the most mediocre photographer, you’ve got a decent head start there. 

Photo inspo

How to get the foodie bag

All you’ve got to do to get this bag, is order from their website. Paper Bag Co also stocks lots of paper bags.

It’s not too expensive either, at £39.95, great value for what it contains, it’s worth the buy.

Grey backdrop and a bagel

I recommend grabbing this if you’re an up and coming food blogger trying to improve their photo quality, this is the kit for you!