Work With Us

Thanks for showing your interest in our blog and considering us for collaborations.

To make this as simple as possible I will list some Qs & As for convenience.

Can I re-post recipes & images from your blog?

I have no issue if you wish to use any of my recipes, cover any of the concepts I’ve covered or use any of my images, all I ask is that you link back to me accordingly and give the appropriate credit, to

Do you accept guest posts?

Happy to accept guest posts if they fall under any category we cover on-site. Topics included but are not limited to: Vegan (food types), vegan recipes, nutritional advice, restaurant guides and/or city guides.

Every guest post we do approve and publish on this platform will receive the appropriate credit, either in the form of a dofollow backlink, or a shout out to our socials.

Do you provide posts in exchange for services?

If you’re a brand new vegan restaurant making their mark, or a ground-breaking new vegan product we’ll be happy to discuss potential collaborations. Get in touch today.

Can I become your sponsor?

We can provide sponsored posts if they fit the theme of the site overall. Please get in touch for further details on sponsored posts.


I am open to advertorial offers to do with the following product types:

  • Foods that are vegan, meaning meat and dairy free.
  • Clothing that does not use animal products i.e. leather, wool, silk, fur, etc.

Product reviews & sponsored posts

We also provide paid product reviews and sponsored posts.

These sponsored posts and product reviews are to mutually benefit both us, as well as the brand in question.

Every sponsored post and product review will be optimised for SEO, and so will remain among Google and other search engines and provide evergreen benefit, from both direct and indirect traffic pointing towards your brand.

Whether you’re a restaurant, a new product or an organisation, we can help raise brand awareness and this will be residual, as the post will not be removed.

We charge per post, at separate rates for reviews and sponsored posts, contact us for more details on our rates.

We reserve the right to decline any products that we do not wish to feature on our site, thanks for your time!