Are vegans better in bed?

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As you learn more about the vegan diet, you learn that a positive effect of a well-planned Vegan diet is increased energy. But are vegans better in bed? 

This post is going to go through benefits of a vegan diet for the bedroom. 

Do vegans have better sex?

This is a tough question to answer, considering there are many factors that come into play here. Firstly, let’s go through some sexual benefits vegans can experience. 

Higher sex drive

This is a factor due to various plant based whole foods being beneficial for the body, improving blood circulation, to the brain especially, having a significant impact on Libido.

As plant-based diets improve heart health overall, there are secondary benefits that also positively impact sexual performance. 

Vegans have more stamina

Vegans have better stamina than that of the average omnivore, which also applies to guys in the bedroom. 

Vegan diets typically lead to bodies with less fat, meaning more aerobic capacity. This is combination with higher circulation, are two great benefits of the vegan diet for your sex life. 

Vegans are better tasting (down there)

In general, vegans are considered to taste better than the average omnivore. I mean, think about it; wouldn’t you taste better if you replaced dairy and meat with oats and beans? 

It makes sense when you think about it, what do these foods break down into? That’s what comes out of you when you sweat… It’s said that pineapple makes your C*$ sweeter, can’t say the same for the omnivorous favourite aphrodisiac: Oysters. 

Serotonin levels & intimacy

Studies have linked serotonin to oxytocin (otherwise known as the love hormone), which essentially suggests that a lot of serotonin, means a lot of love. 

A natural blessing that we vegans can experience is a diet rich in serotonin, consumed naturally from our foods. You can source these from nuts and seeds, legumes, pulses, greens and bananas. 

A study concluded that 35% of vegan Londoners reported a boosted libido, and those are just the guys that choose honesty. 

Do vegans have less erectile dysfunction?

Far-fetched as it may sound, a plant-based diet has been directly linked to reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Literally, eating fruits and vegetables can keep ED at bay, thank us later. 

Vegans smell better

Studies have also shown that eating a meat-free diet , has been proven to improve the smell of your sweat. As they say, as above, so below. 

Why do vegan people smell better?

Maybe it’s a case of you are what you eat, all we know is that there are plenty of biochemical components that contribute to body odour. Even plant-based foods, however, those who follow a vegan diet stink significantly less. 

Plant-based aphrodisiacs

Many vegan foods & herbs are great for naturally increasing circulation, sexual stamina, and making you taste better. I’ll make a bigger post on this for the future, but here are a few examples of plant-based aphrodisiacs:

Maca root

Damiana leaf

Red ginseng




Dark chocolate

Red wine

Hopefully this post was useful to you. If you loved it, be sure to share it with a friend or loved one, stay blessed!