Could the world ever become vegan?

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It’s commonly known that most people on earth aren’t vegan. Whether it’s people consuming animal products or wearing clothes made from animal hide. 

This post is going to discuss whether the world could ever go vegan. 

I will be going through various points, including questions regarding a vegan world’s practicality, as well as the potential that could be possible, if possible, with a plant-based future. 


Let’s go through whether it will be practical for the world to go vegan. 

Is there enough food to go around?

Undoubtedly, there is more than enough food to grow and feed the world. 

The amount of land currently being occupied to grow livestock is disproportionately large, with livestock taking over 80% of the world’s agricultural land – Despite only providing 20% of the world’s calories. 

How much farmland would we need?

Well, if 80% of the world’s calories don’t come from livestock, imagine the amount of plant-based food we can cultivate by making use of that same land alone. 

If the world was to wake up vegan tomorrow, there is no problem finding land to grow the food from. 

Are there vegan alternatives for everything?

Nowadays, if you want a vegan steak, egg, cheese, milk or chicken breast (to name a few) you can find some kind of option. People can be really stubborn, and it’s hard to give up the foods you love. 

Luckily for the future generations, if we do all choose to go vegan, we will have an abundance of options for the foods we love – Not for absolutely everything, but damn well close. 

vegan burger and southern potato salad

Will we ever be able to convince our elders?

This one is a tough one, but even the most critical of meat lovers can enjoy a veganised bangers and mash without missing the pork or chicken. 

Speaking for myself, I used to love meat growing up, and now I’ve found that there is a true variety of options to choose from, having doubled in the past 5 years alone!

What about all the animals?

A question you may have is: What about all the animals? Well, the world will simply have these animals living in their desired habitats. 

As people, I’m sure we can come together and make it so they get their own space. Much like how billions of animals currently occupy farmland for people’s plates, they’ll simply exist without human interference…

What about national dishes?

There is a wide array of national dishes that love to use animal products as their key ingredients. The solution to this is to simply Veganise these favourites. 

A vegan world means even more people that can influence each other and come up with more revolutions in taste, texture and richness to emulate the foods we know and love. 

Give it another 20 years and these foods will be no different to their animal-based alternate. 

Potential outcomes of the world going vegan

Now that we’ve covered the basic questions regarding practicality of the world going vegan, let’s cover some of the potential outcomes of the world adopting a plant-based diet. 

What would happen if the world went vegan?

Firstly, billions of farm animals can be free to roam the earth without having to die for food. Not only that, breeding would much likely decrease, as a result of factory farming not artificially inseminating animals. 

There are also a few other great things that would happen if the world was vegan. 

A drop in emissions 

According to a recent study published by Stanford, if we cut out animal agriculture in the next 15 years, we’d get an over 60% decrease in emissions by 2100. 

It’s well known that cows produce methane, a gas that contributes highly to global warming. The 7.1 yearly gigatonnes of co2 will be reduced from our total emissions, which is a big deal. 

A vegan world may end world hunger

With all the extra farmland available to cultivate fruits, vegetables, pulses, herbs, legumes and greens, the world will have an abundance of food, making it so everyone can eat. 

According to a Dutch study vegan diets require much less land (0.12 hectares compared to 0.17 for the average meat eater), meaning a lot more people can be fed with the very same agricultural land. 

Ending animal cruelty

A vegan world would mean a more compassionate one. Simply put, if the world went vegan, people will be less inclined to mistreat animals, or look down on them. 

We will normalise plant-based leathers and have fruit-based dummies made from fruit and not animal bones, skin and tendons… Our hot dogs will not be carcinogenic, but soy-based…

Billions of animals and trillions of fish will be free to roam the earth, and we’d live alongside them. A more compassionate world altogether will emerge from that. 

A revolution in health

A vegan world will mean the eradication of the Western or “SAD”-related diseases. A revolution in health will follow as people’s energy will increase, and as below, so is above in regards to consciousness. 

A plant-based world, means a fair and friendly world, that doesn’t commodify fellow earthly beings. 

Is a vegan world a real possibility?

A vegan world is possible in a practical sense. In fact, a plant-based planet earth will serve as the key to end world hunger, breed a healthier world, as well as changing our collective way of viewing food for the better. 

Practically, there is already enough land we could use for agricultural purposes, we’re just using it for the wrong purposes. A vegan world is still possible, it just takes some leading by example and patience with others. 

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