Maintaining your weight as a vegan

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Weight management is something that most people worry about. Whether they grew up on the slimmer side and have recently put on some healthy weight, to those shedding some pounds and trying to keep it that way. 

Weight management as a vegan is very important, but can be a lot harder than the traditional diet. Vegan food is naturally lower in calories than the average diet that’s heavily reliant on meat and dairy. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your weight on a vegan diet. This post covers our top tips on maintaining your weight as a vegan. 

Maintaining weight as a vegan

In order to maintain weight as a vegan you’ve simply got to make sure you eat the correct amount of calories per day, which is 2000 for women, and 2500 for men. 

Not all calories are created equal however, that’s why it’s key to make sure you’re receiving all other important nutrients, and supplementing where necessary. I recommend a ratio of 80/20 whole food to processed food ratio to be able to maintain your weight. 

The more junk you eat, the easier you gain weight, whether you’re vegan or not. 

How can vegans avoid losing weight?

You can avoid losing weight by ensuring you stay above your caloric threshold, which can be hard at first, with weight loss coming soon after starting the vegan diet. 

It gets easier the more you get used to it. Just make sure you eat your 3 meals a day, and sneak in a smoothie and a snack or two. Try planning your weekly meals (and calories) and meal prepping if necessary.

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Is it hard for vegans to gain weight?

As mentioned earlier, vegans are naturally at a caloric disadvantage due to the majority of plant-based foods being low in calories. 

However, with a well-planned vegan diet, and some simple knowledge, you can easily up your calories with the right combinations. There are also various high calorie vegan foods out there, you just need to know which ones you need. 

I made myself an vegan food calorie tracker, which is essentially a notepad with some of the foods and meals I have regularly, complete with calorie count, so I can keep track throughout the average day and stay on track. 

That’s how I personally gained weight on a vegan diet, I also wrote another post with tips on how to bulk up as a vegan. 

Try out this loaded potato recipe

Tips to maintain weight as a vegan

As well as eating your daily calories, make sure you eat a lot of vegan protein, of which you can source from various foods (especially if you’re an active person). 

Also, don’t neglect your vegan fats, healthy fats like avocado, olives, hummus, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds, these all help with general weight maintenance. 

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The more natural you eat, the better. Think of your body as requiring building blocks that need nourishment. Feed your temple with healthy, plant-based foods and eat enough to maintain an active lifestyle, sometimes we all just need a little more routine to our daily diet. 

Don’t under eat, especially if you’re underweight. Make sure you prioritise your every day health, even if it is a little bit at a time. 

Some of my top tips for maintaining weight as a vegan include:

  • Eating your daily calories
  • Ensuring you get your daily protein
  • Don’t slack on the fats
  • Stick to plant-based, not everyday vegan chick’n

I hope you liked this post on how to maintain weight on a vegan diet.

We’re all on this earth with different bodies, yet expected to all abide by the same daily recommended calories, so don’t take all of this advice too personally, but rather use it as a guideline to refer to if you need the guidance. 

Thanks for considering Veganising it for your vegan lifestyle inspiration. Be sure to share with a friend or drop a comment if this post resonated with you. Be well and stay blessed.