Vegan documentaries

This post is going to take you through the top vegan documentaries that can help a skeptic become vegan. 

Whether you’re a new vegan, or a seasoned plant-based explorer looking to broaden their horizons, everyone loves a good documentary.

Some go through the health benefits of a plant-based diet, some give insight into the scale in which the meat and dairy industry impacts the world. 

Vegan documentaries for the health conscious

For the person looking for more information on whether or not a vegan diet can support an active lifestyle, or one looking to hear about the health benefits of veganism in general. 


Cowspiracy is a documentary on the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Covering concerns such as greenhouse emissions, ocean dead zones and global deforestation as a result of the world’s over-farming and eating habits. 

The interviewers in the documentary faced a lot of hostility when attempting to discuss animal agriculture as an issue, with unexpected events, suggesting that the impact of animal agriculture could have far bigger stakeholders. 

What the Health

What the Health, from the same makers as cowspiracy, takes a different angle to exposing the corruption in the animal agricultural industry.

This time discovering the secret to preventing and even potentially reversing chronic diseases, through avoiding meat and dairy in the diet. 

Once again exposing the corruption in the meat industry and even how the pharmaceutical industries are staying quiet to this information. A little more on the health angle, this documentary made me want to go vegan to better manage my health. 

The Game Changers

The game changers is a vegan documentary following plant-based athletes, including record-breaking strongman Patrik Baboumian. A motivational vegan documentary disproving the myth of vegan diets being lower in protein, one fact at a time. 

There was one experiment showing athletes receiving better sleep quality and having clear blood samples, merely as a result of eating a bean burrito compared to one containing meat. Practical info sure to spark any curious man or woman’s interest. 

Forks over Knives

Forks over knives looks into the claim that chronic diseases can be controlled and reversed by removing animal foods from the diet. The documentary follows a few people suffering from chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, reversing them, with a whole foods plant based diet. 

This documentary officially tests out the theory of food being medicine, in this case being vegan food. 

Vegan documentaries exposing the world of animal exploitation

For those looking for more insight into worldwide animal exploitation, and what you can do to help lower demand.


Earthlings is an older documentary from 2005, about how humans have commoditised animals for selfish, economic purposes. 

The documentary is 5-fold, covering in “chapters”, including pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research. One for those looking to have more insight into the scale in which humans use animals. 


Dominion, a more recent documentary, released in 2018, exposes the darker side of animal agriculture. It shows how workers within these industries take abuse to a whole new level, with camera footage of the everyday happenings in slaughterhouses and other sites.

With a mix of cctv and handheld camera footage, you get more of an insight into animal rights activists and why they stand up for what they believe in, and this stuff is just the beginning. 


Seaspiracy is one of the newer vegan documentaries providing insight into the fishing industry. Covering the environmental implications of worldwide overfishing, as well as other insight into the ethical issues of the marine industry. 

For those who have trouble giving up seafood and genuinely think plastic straws are the cause of marine pollution, you need to watch seaspiracy. 


This documentary is mores on the activist angle, showing insight into the struggles that orcas must face, following Tilikum the orca in its life in captivity. 

If you’ve heard any animosity toward SeaWorld and their keeping of animals in captivity, it’s likely due to this documentary. 

Live and Let Live

Live and let live is a bit more of a spiritual documentary on people’s relationship with animals, as well as different vegans and their varied reasons as to why they’ve chosen to be so.

This one is more for those not looking for a shock factor, but more so a documentary to show off the vast community vegans have to offer. Regardless of background. 

Top vegan documentaries to watch

We hope you enjoyed our list of vegan documentaries, to give you both the health information, as well as insight into the environmental and ethical implication of animal agriculture. 

Hopefully these can help inform your decision on becoming vegan, or even taking more conscious daily decisions to make better judgements to do your bit for the environment.

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