Vegan dating apps

I’m sure as a vegan you’ve met your fair share of people that simply can’t grasp the vegan diet in its nature… It can be tiring answering questions about your lifestyle, whether it’s the how or the whys of veganism. 

That being said, with the new age has come a good range of dating apps available to the public. Many of which cater to us vegans, let’s go through some of them now.

Find Veg Love

Infamously the vegan cupid, Find Veg Love is the ideal site for vegan and vegetarian matchmaking. this app’s exclusively for those in the US and Canada, aged 25-65.


For those who want to find their vegan match, with an app who’s tagline is “when vegan becomes a turn on”, this is one for the seasoned vegans. 

Green Singles

Launched in 1996, green singles has been prevalent for over 30 years, connecting animal rights activists and environmental lovers across the world.

With in-depth profiles and match questions, you’d be sure to find your match on Green Singles. With both paid and free versions available. 

Tofu Together

A new dating app to “chat, date and make friends”. For vegans and vegetarians alike, this app claims to match you with options to avoid the issues & awkwardness that comes with dietary differences. 


Is a dating app with great reviews, allowing vegans and vegetarians alike to link up with similar values from the get-go. Available on both Android and iOS, this app is available for free.

Honourable mention: Spiritual singles

This site’s USP is to connect those who are like-minded in the sense of sustainability, holistic health, world peace and consciousness. Not to sound big-headed but vegans tend to weigh more on that side of people. 

Are there vegans on Tinder?

Tinder does have its fair share of vegans, tending to include their dietary stance within their bio. However, not everyone will, so you may prefer to use a different, more targeted dating app. 

Can vegans date non-vegans?

Of course this depends on personal preference. In terms of long-term relationships, it is important a non-vegan, should you choose to date one, respects your values and makes effort to understand you.

There are some difficulties that could come with dating non-vegans, such as picking a restaurant to eat at!

Of course, there are other dating apps out there, but none quite as suited to our demographic as the ones previously mentioned.

We hope you enjoyed this post and found some valuable insight; If you liked it feel free to drop a comment below with your thoughts and perhaps share with a vegan friend of yours!