4 best vegan-friendly sea tasting ingredients

As vegans, we soon notice that we can still enjoy good food, we just have to be a bit more creative. With the right seasonings, you can get any type of dish, even fishy tastes. 

This post is going to highlight some of the best vegan-friendly seasonings to capture the sea-like taste you miss. 


The main type of seaweed used for sushi, nori is a great addition to recipes mimicking fish. 

Tofish is a great way of using nori for this purpose, mimicking the fishy taste, as well as the texture of crispy fish skin. 


Commonly used in ramen, wakame is a great seaweed choice for soups and on the side of salads. 

If added to a stew, brewed for at least ten minutes and removed before serving, you get a decent fishy taste from it. 

Irish moss (seamoss)

Seamoss, when correctly prepared, is a great ingredient to use for fishy meals. 

You’d typically prepare seamoss in gel form, and this can provide a great sea-tasting base for a stew, or even in chickpea choona, in place of nori for a more intense fishy flavour.

Bladderwrack powder

Bladderwrack is a powdered form of seaweed, to provide a rich, fishy flavour with just a teaspoon needed. 

A key ingredient in our choona mayo, as well as our veganised clam chowder, this is yet another alkaline-friendly sea-seasoning for the pantry. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of vegan-friendly seafood ingredients. If you have any other great vegan sea ingredients in mind, feel free to drop them below. 

Thanks for considering us for your vegan advice, stay well and stay blessed.