Are tattoos vegan?

are tattoos vegan

Tattoos are something that are often overlooked as a product that’s vegan or non-vegan. Nonetheless, tattoos are still something to confirm prior to getting.

Let’s go through the facts and answer some questions you may have regarding veganism and tattoos. 

Are tattoos vegan?

As they can contain anything from bone char (for pigment), as well as gelatin (as a binding agent), glycerin and insect extracts such as shellac; usually, conventional tattoo ink is not naturally vegan. 

This tends to be due to companies cutting corners and use animal-based ingredients for a cheap product. 

What is vegan tattoo ink made of?

Vegan tattoo ink is made in a similar way, instead with vegetable glycerin, as well as witch hazel or ethanol.

For colour, vegan tattoo inks may contain carbon or logwood for the black colour.

Good to know right? I mean, nowadays we eat charcoal, only makes sense to use it in our inks!

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Do vegan tattoos last?

According to vegan tattoo studios, vegan tattoo ink lasts just as long as regular tattoo ink.

The differing factors of course coming from extended exposure to the sun or lack of moisturisation.

With time, tattoos, whether in black ink or coloured, inevitably fade.

Is vegan tattoo ink safe?

Vegan tattoo ink is just as safe as regular tattoo ink, with no carcinogenic chemicals to look out for, much like regular tattoo ink.

There is no bigger risk whether you get a vegan tattoo or a non-vegan tattoo. 

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What about stick and poke tattoos?

Stick and poke tattoo inks, with stick and poke being a slightly different technique of tattooing, tend to be vegan by default.

Though it is more common to be so, it’s still best to make sure beforehand. Some may contain the animal-based products being gelatin, shellac, bone char and glycerin. 

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Do vegans get tattoos?

Vegans do get tattoos still, as a handful of vegans do so to commemorate the fact that they have recently become vegan.

Assuming they’ve done their research, if they’re getting tattoo’d specifically by a vegan-friendly tattoo artist, it’s definitely on the table. 

How to find a vegan tattoo artist

  1. First, find your ideal artist.

2. Next, get in touch and ask the key questions you have, prior to getting the tattoo, you might find more info on their about page of their website or in person at the studio.

3. Get your vegan tattoo

You don’t ask, you don’t get!

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