Do vegans live longer?

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A vegan diet is known to commonly be healthy, but can it actually help you live longer? Many are skeptic that that could even be a possibility, let’s go through the facts. 

This post is going to go through how following a whole-food plant based lifestyle can help you with overall longevity. When I say whole-food plant-based, I’m talking: minimal processed ingredients, additives and more whole foods, made at home. 

How a plant based lifestyle can help you look younger

A plant-based lifestyle can help you sustain a youthful look in a bunch of ways. Let’s go through some of them. 

Nutrient rich diet

A well planned vegan diet can help any individual receive all the nutrients they need, and from cleaner sources. Not only does a vegan diet help you stay nourished with finer quality ingredients, but there are many vegan foods that help combat the signs of ageing. 

For instance, antioxidant-rich fruits, vitamin E in avocados, olives and almonds, as well as vitamin C that stimulates collagen production. One reason why a plant-based lifestyle may help you live longer, is the simple, clean nutrients that you can gain from it. 

Meat & dairy ages you quicker

Not only does vegan food help prevent ageing, but eating meat can actually add years to your biological age. Ironically, when consuming meat there are high levels of AGEs (Advanced Glycation end-products) present, much higher than that of fruits and vegetables. 

AGEs lead to premature ageing, and so shouldn’t be eaten for a long-term diet. Not only meat, but also dairy, specifically milk, has also been shown to age you quicker. I mean, it’s literally baby cow growth hormone. 

Adults should not be drinking this on a daily basis if they want to stay young. Not to mention the various health risks of long-term milk consumption.

Does eating meat shorten your life span?

It’s a well known fact that excessive meat consumption can lead to an early death. 

Biologically, chronic meat consumption can cause a rise in serum phosphate in the body, typically from red meat consumption; This serum phosphate contributes to an increase in your biological age, essentially, shortening your life. 

Does milk prevent ageing?

Milk has been a well known nutritious beverage we’ve known this from childhood right? Many investors in the dairy industry love to run research studies on why milk is beneficial for your health…

There are various studies, one of them is that low fat milk consumption accounts for 4-5 years less ageing compared to those who drink full fat… But what about if you didn’t drink milk at all? How many years will you not knock off the clock?

Not just that, but did you know that people tend to develop lactose intolerance even at old age? Not to mention the good majority of the world that are naturally lactose intolerant. Milk is more inflammatory than anti ageing, if we were to speak pragmatically. 

Is being a vegan healthy in the long term?

Long term benefits of following a plant-based lifestyle include lower risks of heart disease, as well as lower blood pressure and more general vitality. 

A well-planned vegan lifestyle where you’re supplementing what you need to and keep it clean, let’s just say your body will thank you later down the line. 

How long can you live if you were to go plant-based?

A recent study concluded that switching to a plant-based diet can add as much as a decade to your life. Ironically, chronic meat consumption has also been said to remove 10 years from your life. 

Do vegans actually live longer than omnivores?

A die hard junk food vegan likely won’t live longer than a omnivore who eats a clean, balanced diet. However, studies have shown that vegans have a 9% lower risk of death than their meat-eating counterparts. 

That, said, other studies may prove otherwise, that meat eating may lead to a longer life expectancy, I guess it depends on the circumstances.

Does this mean that vegans live longer than people who eat meat? 

No, but it gives you good reason to explore a vegan lifestyle, or maybe a meat-free Monday to get some more veggies in your diet. 

Hopefully this does’t offend anyone, as someone who used to eat meat I can understand why vegans can seem pushy or as if they’re forcing an agenda. I’m not trying to be that guy, as I wasn’t born vegan myself. 

Although I made the choice it don’t give me a right to talk down to anyone who doesn’t. There’s no judgement, it’s okay to be an adult and not like vegetables, they literally programmed us as children to be raised like that. 

I just chose to change and now I write about it for like minded people. 

Hopefully this post made you think, if you liked it, be sure to share with a friend, as it really helps spread the word. Thanks for stopping by, and stay blessed.