5 vegan energy supplements to boost your workout

When it comes to vegan fitness, it’s not only protein and carbs that should be taken as a factor. Other things to consider include where you’re getting your energy, and I mean that RAW energy. 

This is where this list comes in handy. These can either help boost energy, recovery or improve concentration, which can help with the overall workout process. 

Without further ado, here are our recommended vegan foods to help supplement your fitness journey. 

Maca powder

Maca powder is a Peruvian root grown in the mountains of South America, also technically a type of ginseng. It’s properties include improvement of endurance and stamina, to help your workout go the extra mile. 

Being an adaptogen, maca root also helps with bodybuilding as it balances hormones, making it a unique supplement. Maca root is available in red, yellow and black forms, I like to get a mix of all three!

maca powder

Cacao powder

Cacao powder is a great choice for working out as it’s rich in naturally occurring caffeine, as well as iron, to help keep the blood oxygenated to get the most of your workout. Magnesium in cacao is also at rich levels, a vital nutrient for supporting muscle and nerve function.

Bioactive compounds in cacao also help with overall blood flow, making it an ideal pre-workout food to incorporate. 


Seamoss (or Irish moss)

Seamoss is a naturally occurring plant-based food that’s found in the sea. When it’s washed off, soaked, and blended, you can consume it as seamoss gel.

Seamoss is rich in an array of nutrients and minerals, making it a natural multi-vitamin supplement. 

Seamoss is also rich in naturally occurring plant-based taurine, which can assist the body in getting rid of excess fat.

This also helps the body be more efficient, resulting in a leaner muscle tone with use. The nutrient-rich profile of seamoss also helps with overall muscle recovery and reducing soreness. 

Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng is a naturally occurring stimulant found in, well…Siberia. The herb has been found to boost energy, improving overall exercise performance. 

I typically enjoy some ginseng tea throughout the day to keep it in my bloodstream, I also like the mental benefits of it. As it’s also an adaptogen, much like maca powder, and aids in relieving mental effects of stress, anxiety and depression. 


Spirulina is another sea-based food, this time being high in protein (65% at that). An ideal post-workout snack, you can add spirulina to your smoothies, or even make energy balls. It’s also rich in b vitamins, zinc and vitamin E – It’s important to know though, it tastes kind of rank. 

Be sure to dilute it well if you do add it to your smoothies, it isn’t the best thing in the world. 

Vegan natural energy supplements

Be sure to consult a professional prior to adding a supplement to your diet, especially if you have high blood pressure or are taking any medication. Stay well, stay blessed, and stay healthy. Come back again for some more vegan nutrition game!