Which religions are vegetarian?

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Although a lot of the world may indulge in diet rich in meat, there’s still a great portion of the world that are more on the plant-based side of the court.  

Many of which are vegan or vegetarian as a result of their cultural background. In fact, many religions do tend to align in terms of morals of eating meat sparingly. It’s actually a fairly modern thing to have so many groups of people eating meat as they do. 

This post is going to cover the religions that are responsible for many people choosing not to include meat in their lifestyle. 


In general, most Hindus are vegetarian. Hindus view cows as a sacred animal and so don’t eat beef as a result. 

Though this may not translate to every Hindu leaving meat off their plates, the vast majority do tend to follow a vegetarian diet at least. 


It is generally known that Buddhist monks follow a (mainly) plant-based diet, hence the term “buddha bowl”. The rule is in place to align with the idealism to not harm any other creatures. 

The great Buddha suggested his followers not to eat meat or fish, and it stuck. Thanks to him, many animals are left off people’s plates even to this day. 


Jains are lesser known than buddhists, but follow similar principles. They too renounce all material possessions and rely on the community itself for food and shelter. 

They are stricter in the sense that, as well as meat and fish, they also exclude non vegan products and root vegetables from their diets. 


Sikhs who have been baptised, known as “Amrit” become vegetarians. They will exclude anything that contains animal fat and derivatives such as eggs & fish; however, they do consume milk still. 

They avoid consuming animal meat so as to keep their bodies pure. 

Vegetarianism in other religions

Although not many religions are strictly vegan, there is a strong relatability among them that condone a vegetarian diet. Most religions don’t strictly advise against animal-based products, but it is interesting how they speak on similar topics.

Judaism and vegetarianism

Although the Torah permits the consumption of meat, in terms of Judaism, many aspects of veganism align with some of the highest values. 

These include compassion, health, peace and conservation of resources. 

Are Rastafarians vegan?

Rastafarians are typically vegan by default, following what they call the Ital lifestyle.

“Ital is vital”, a common saying among Rastas – With them eating a naturally derived diet with minimal chemicals, additives and avoiding meat. 

Do muslims eat meat?

It’s well known that muslims are permitted to eat meat, so long as it’s halal (meaning it’s been prepared as per muslim law). However, in Islam a vegetarian diet is viewed highly.

In fact, a vegetarian diet is viewed as the most virtuous way to eat. 

Was Jesus vegan?

Even Jesus was a vegetarian, as is depicted in his message to be compassionate among other living things and people. However, there was also evidence that he could be pescatarian, so nobody really knows. 

What religion are most vegans?

Most vegans who are religious are linked to Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Don’t let this misinform you though. I’ve met more Christian & JW vegans than I ever have Hindu vegans, so never judge a book by its cover!

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