Why do people go vegan?

You may be asking yourself, why do people choose to go vegan? Some people are in it to protect the environment, some people for the animals, or both. 

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a compassionate person on a mission to protect the earth, there are many reasons why people go vegan.

Let’s go through some of the main ones now.

To protect the environment

From an environmental viewpoint, animal agriculture has a crazy effect on the world in terms of pollution, causing 60% of global nitrogen pollution, also being linked to 55% of erosion.

Livestock operations cause 14.5% of global greenhouse gases altogether. One may go vegan for the sake of alleviating the true environmental costs, such as deforestation. 

To protect the animals

As people know, animal cruelty, among many other things are very much present in the livestock/meat & dairy industry. In the US alone (sorry UK visitors), 9.76 billion land animals were killed for food – In 2021 alone. 

In the same period, in the UK, 2.6 million cattle, 10 million pigs, 14.5 million sheep and lambs, 80 million fish and 950 million birds were slaughtered for food.

These shocking statistics are one of the reasons people go vegan. The idea that you can make a difference by reducing demand catches on, and the more people make the switch, the sooner you start seeing change. 

Health benefits

One for many, myself included, go vegan to improve their overall health. Now, we’ve gone through the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet in past posts, in modern day, it’s easier than ever. 

I was inspired by vegan documentaries to do more research into plant-based eating for health; particularly from what the health and game changers, give them a watch when you have a chance. 


Maybe you’ve recently got with a partner who’s a vegan, and you’re inspired by their lifestyle and want to give it a go.

Things such as finding the ideal restaurant, cooking for your partner, or maybe you’ve got a vegan cousin and you’ve wanted to see what they were talking about. 


Some religions may call for you to eat less meat, or eat vegetarian for the most part. Those following a religion such as buddhism and don’t eat dairy may already be there. 

I know for me personally, when I was younger and raised Portuguese they’d not eat meat on Good Friday for easter. It’s a common thing that people do sometimes for religion, but not their day to day, although it makes more sense to do so. 

Religions tend to align in the sense that it’s about morals and not harming god’s creatures or your fellow man. Those who are very serious about religion may integrate veganism as part of their routine.

For a challenge

Going vegan for your first time isn’t easy. Veganuary, which comes round every January (duh), invites non-vegans world-wide to try eating plant-based for a month. I know I personally was surprised at how easy vegan eating was. 

It initially started for me for health, and I liked the challenge, so I stuck with it. The animals and the environmental benefits kept me grounded when I ever felt to go astray. We’re all human you know?


When you think about it, meat is recycled corn and soy. Hear me out; If they’re fed those kinds of food, as well as barley and oats, etc, then the nutrients you’re getting, other than animal protein, is recycled

Meat comes with a bunch of risks considering the negative effects of eating meat, including risk of death and developing long-term disease.

Get your protein and nourishment straight from the source, eat more plant-based whole foods and have the optimal nutrition to live your best. The health benefits of going vegan are undeniable, yet another reason some people go vegan.

Who do people choose to go vegan?

People may choose to go vegan for a variety of reasons, the main ones including:

For the animals

The environment

To improve their health

Their loved ones

For religion

As a challenge

For logical reasons

If you liked this post and got any other reasons to add to the list drop them below in the comments, share this post with whoever asks you why you’re going vegan so they know!