Best herbal teas

best herbal teas

Probably the best thing about herbal teas is that they’re literally leaves and are always naturally vegan.

With an array of health benefits coming from consuming herbal teas, such as boosted energy, libido and reduced inflammation, teas are an underrated way to keep your health in check.

Let’s go through some of the best herbal teas available to order online or in health stores.

Black tea

The most common tea used in English breakfast cuppas, black tea comes in varied forms and with an array of health benefits.

According to research, regular consumption of black tea can reduce the risk of heart disorders.


Chamomile tea is one of my personal favourites, coming from the chamomile flower, typically sourced from Egypt.

Benefits of which include lowering blood sugar, reducing inflammation and helping to induce relaxation.


Cinnamon tea is a creative way to enjoy cinnamon, also having a myriad of benefits including antioxidant, anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties.

Enjoy a cinnamon tea with some agave syrup today!


Damaiana is a great tasting herbal tea, thought to increase sexual arousal and overall stamina, according to health line.

I mix it with hibiscus, ginger and nettle tea for a tasty brew.



Hibiscus tea is one I learned about from the book “what the health”.

Wherein I learnt that hibiscus tea is a great tasting, bitter tea that helps to lower blood pressure as well as blood fat levels. It’s better cold than hot!


Jasmine tea is a great tasting tea popular in China for good reason! It’s a potent antioxidant and helps people lose weight, a great after meal beverage – Just make sure you wait a good while beforehand.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm tea is a lovely citrus-ey herb from the mint family. Typically used for anxiety, indigestion and stress relief.

Although there is no scientifically backed reason as to why it is used for these purposes.

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You may not have heard of Moringa tea, I know I didn’t when I first learned about it! Moringa leaf is actually very underrated.

Providing a wide range of antioxidants, as well as antibiotics and an array of nutrients.

It’s actually a nutrient powerhouse and a great supplement for a healthy, balanced, diet.

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Nettle leaf is another one of my faves that made the list, with an array of health benefits and a nice, subtle, earthy taste anyone can enjoy. Studies show the nettle leaf has antioxidant, antimicrobial and pro-health benefits.

It’s so nutritious in fact, it can be used as a nutritious fertiliser for soil running low in nutrients.


Peppermint is a smooth tasting tea which comes with an array of benefits. These including digestive support, improved energy and sinus relief, according to Healthline.

Peppermint tea. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Raspberry leaf

Red raspberry leaf is a subtle tea effective for those looking to detox and improve their fat metabolism. Other benefits include shortening the duration of labour.

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Our list of the best teas to get for your tea box

We hope you enjoyed our take on the best teas you should consume. Herbal teas have a lot of health benefits and are spoken about a lot less than its bitter cousin, coffee.

We recommend consuming these teas in their raw form, steeped in a strainer or filter, as compared to buying the tea bags. You get more potent tea that way!

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