Best adaptogens

best adaptogens

We’ve spoken about vegan superfoods in the past and how they can benefit you internally.

Today we’ll cover a few adaptogens and how they can benefit the body when incorporated into your diet. 

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogenic herbs are herbs that have been reported to have certain health benefits.

Mainly including the effect of helping the body adapt to physical, chemical & biological stress.

A supplement, if you will, that helps bring the body back to equilibrium when it comes to stress responses. 

What are adaptogens used for?

As mentioned above, adaptogens help to balance the body to from psychical, chemical and biological stress; balancing you back to a state otherwise known as homeostasis. 

Let’s go through some of them now and the unique properties that differentiate them. 


Amla, otherwise known as Indian gooseberry, is a potent fruit high in antioxidants, that provides an adaptogenic effect when consumed.

Studies show, it has properties such as immunomodulative chemopreventive and anti-inflammatory effects that are effective for the prevention of cancer.

Easy to add to smoothies, consider adding Amla to your diet today to boost your immune system. 

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Ashwaghandha is an infamous shrub that grows around Africa and Asia.

It is an effective regenerative tonic, due to its properties including anti-stress, anti tumour and anti-inflammatory effects, according to research.

The same study also stresses on the effectiveness of ashwagandha for cancer treatment.

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The name suggests it, it’s a berry, which we already know is high in antioxidants as they come.

Bilberry extract has been reported to be high in anthocyanins, giving it antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

Research is quite slim on the effectiveness of bilberry for chronic diseases and disorders; so this is open to interpretation. 


Maca comes in three primary colours, black, red and yellow.

Originating from Peru, mama has an array of benefits, those including hormone balance, as well as neuroprotective effects, anti cancer, anti inflammatory and anti depressant effects.

I personally use it as a workout supplement as black maca especially helps with muscle development. 

maca powder

Reishi mushroom

Reishi mushroom is a powerful adaptogen used in capsules, hair tonics as well as syrups.

Its effects include but are not limited to: Blood sugar balancing, antiviral properties, antioxidant, antibacterial and protective of the liver and gastric organs.

Another adaptogen highly potent and effective, providing hope for those with chronic disease. 

Siberian ginseng

Studies show Siberian ginseng can be seen as a safe adaptogenic substance to use.

Reported to have improved mental health aspects as well as general social functioning after use. Suggesting it can be used as a supplement for those undergoing a stressful, demanding lifestyle.

Best adaptogens

We hope you learned a thing or two about adaptogens today and their health benefits.

For those undergoing chronic stress and aren’t taking any medications, give one of these a go along with a balanced, healthy diet. 

You may be pleasantly surprised at the effects – Always ensure to reach out to a medical professional prior to consumption of adaptogenic substances. Especially if taking medication already.

If you liked this post and know of any other adaptogens feel free to drop it below as a suggestion.

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