How long does it take to grow fruit

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Many people eat fruit regularly. I personally have a fruit plate for breakfast every day. 

However, many people aren’t aware how long it takes to grow that very fruit on your plate. This post is going to go through many types of fruits and how long they take to grow. 

Apples & pears

One of the most common fruits, the apple, if you’re starting from an initial seed, takes 7-10 years to bear fruit. The same can be said for pears, which take around the same time. 

If you want to grow your own, we recommend getting a starter tree from a garden shop, that way you don’t have to wait almost a decade. 


Oranges take a bit longer to bear fruit, averaging at 10-12 years from the initial seed form. This’ll make that fresh cup of orange juice in the morning that much better. 


Lemons grow significantly quicker, producing fruit at year 5 from the initial seed. To mature into a lemon tree, it takes around 3-6 years. 


Although similar, limes take a little longer to mature into fruit, taking around 8 years, and a lot of patience. Being the non hybridised version compared to lemon, it’s worth the patience. 


Kiwi trees are among the quickest plants to bear fruit, taking only around 3-5 years post-planting. They’re best planted in the spring. 


Peaches grow at a similar rate to kiwis, bearing fruit after a mere 3 years of planting. Worth the wait if you ask me, nothing beats a good peach.


Apricots are a little bit longer, taking around 4 years from initial seedling stage. Apricot trees once matured take 120 days for the fruit to fully mature, where it’s recommended to wait for optimal ripeness prior to picking. 


Plums are one of the lower maintenance plants to grow, where once planted and taken care of, can bear fruit for years. The seeds take 4 months to germinate, then after 2-3 years, you should see some plum fruits of your own. 


Among my top 5 favourite fruits, lord knows I’d wait for a mango tree to bear fruit. I’d be waiting a while though, with the typical time being 10 years after planting before bearing fruit.


Banana trees are a surprising one, only taking about 1-2 years to bear fruit. I expected more but that’s the facts!


Dates require a warm consistent mediterrainean climate to thrive. If the conditions are right, you can expect your seed to bear fruit within 8 years of planting. 


Grapes vary a bit due to a few factors, such as climate and soil quality. You can expect to bear fruit from grapes within a 2-7 year time frame. 

Melon & watermelon

With melons being so high in water content, it doesn’t actually take all too long to grow into a fruit. It takes roughly 60-140+ days for an initial seed to bear fruit. 

Watermelon is slightly difference, taking between 70-100 days to bear fruit from the seed. 

Blackberries & raspberries

Blackberries take about 3 years after planting to adequately bear fruit. Raspberries however, grow significantly quicker, taking only 18 months to mature. 


Good things take time, and so does the maturation of a pomegranate tree. From seed to harvest, expect to wait 2-5 years to bear fruit from your pomegranate seed. 

Avocados (yes they’re a fruit)

Avocados are among the most patient crop to plant. You should expect to wait 12+ years for an avocado to bear fruit. Even still, once the fruit is grown, it takes 9 months to fully ripen – Good things take time!

How long fruit takes to grow

I hope you enjoyed this post on how long fruit takes to grow from an initial seed. I know I’m going to start with mini trees, as I don’t have that type of patience. 

If there’s anything on the list that was surprising to you, be sure to drop a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks for considering veganising it for your vegan lifestyle inspiration. 

Be well and stay blessed.