Is a vegan diet good for testosterone?

Vegan diets get a bad rep. A lot of the general public love to come for vegans, when in reality we’re just trying to live healthy and happy. 

Many claim a vegan diet is low in protein, or is high in phytoestrogens and make you grow man boobs, one big misunderstanding is that a vegan diet is bad for testosterone. 

This post is going to cover the facts that you need to know if you’re avoiding a plant-based diet because of the risk of dropping your testosterone levels. 

Is veganism bad for testosterone?

Studies have also shown the opposite outcome. With veganism being linked with more hormone-binding globulin and testosterone concentrations. (//

Evidence shows that a vegan diet may be correlated with better testosterone levels. 

Do vegans produce more testosterone?

Vegans, especially those following a whole foods plant-based diet, have even higher testosterone levels than the average omnivore.

This is likely due to the range of fresh ingredients and home-cooked foods, free of all filler ingredients that tend to influence hormones. 

Another British study concluded vegan diets, regardless of type of diet, resulted in testosterone levels 13% higher that meat eaters, and 8% higher than vegetarians.

Another question you may have in mind can be soy, a prevalent ingredient used in many vegan recipes, from burgers to stir fries. 

Does soy lower testosterone in men?

The term “soy boy” comes to mind, coming from the common misconception that soy is a dietary source of oestrogen. The issue is of course, phytooestrogens don’t affect you the same way as, say, animal based oestrogen, from sources such as as that of cow’s milk.

The facts are, studies have shown soy protein has no effect on a man’s testosterone levels. So feel free to drink as much soy milk as you like. 

What vegan foods lower testosterone?

Some vegan foods to limit consumption of, if you don’t want a drop in your testosterone levels include:

1. Mint – Studies shown mint to have a direct influence on testosterone.

2. Vegetable oil – Polyunsaturated fat consumed regularly shown to lower testosterone, opt for oil free recipes every once in a while!

3. Processed foods (Too many substitutes and cakes) – As a result of trans fats, which also have been reported to negatively impact inflammation and risks of other chronic diseases.

4. Alcohol – Regular consumption of alcohol has been shown in studies to significantly lower testosterone levels.

So if you choose to be a junk food vegan, be weary that you may be consuming 2 & 3 on a daily basis. With a mojito on the weekend you throw in 1 and 4, too. 

Everything in moderation right? If you don’t eat fried and processed foods everyday you should be very confident that your vegan diet can meet your testosterone needs. 

I hope this article helped you find out more about the vegan diet and answer some questions you may have had. Thank you for considering veganising it as part of your vegan journey. Stay well, and stay blessed.