Is quorn good for you?

Quorn is one of those first veggie brands you know about even before you go vegan. They’ve got all sorts of products, from vegetarian nuggets, cocktail sausages to vegan chicken pieces and deli slices. 

What is it though? Is it a mushroom? Lab meat? Turns out it’s technically mould, which is marketed as mycoprotein, the secret ingredient to Quorn. 

But is it healthy? Let’s go through some common questions and look into whether or not Quorn is good for you. 

What is Quorn made of?

Quorn is made from fusarium venenatum, a fungus that derives from soil. It’s then fermented into a meat alternative we all know as mycoprotein which is a sustainable meat alternative according to Quorn’s website

Is Quorn food healthy?

According to research, Quorn is a sustainable protein in line with dietary requirements, with other benefits such as helping to maintain cholesterol levels, blood sugar and promotes muscle synthesis. It’s seen as “safe”. But does safe mean healthy? 

On few occasions, mycoproteins may cause allergic reactions, which are the primary concerns regarding Quorn and its consumption, although rare.

Is Quorn highly processed?

Quorn is a fungus that must be highly processed in order to be edible. Considering the raw fungus contains mycotoxins it needs to be highly processed to be safe for consumption.

The differing products of course undergo different textures and meat-like products, much like any other plant-based meat source. 

Why is Quorn banned in America?

Quorn is actually illegal in the USA, the reason why is because of its labelling system which requires it to be labeled as mould with a risk of triggering allergic reactions.

This comes as a result of a campaign and legal action following two children dying from Quorn, one in Sweden & one in America. 

Why is Quorn banned in Canada?

Quorn is not available in Canada as a result of it being made of a fungus, and not an actual mushroom. Therefore Canada’s food authority struggles to identify it as a “safe” food. 

Other reasons include that most products don’t meet the criteria of nutritional guidelines as an official poultry substitute, deeming it unsuitable to the standards of Canada. 

Is Quorn vegan?

As a vegan, I’ve realised Quorn isn’t really a vegan-first company, or else they would have pushed extra hard to make more egg-free products. They do however, have their fair share of burgers, as well as chick’n products that fall in the vegan category. 

You may be annoyed to know more than half of the Quorn range is non-vegan, so this doesn’t really apply to myself or other fellow vegans. Either way, it’s good to do research on all meat substitutes prior to eating it long-term. 

We hope you enjoyed this post on Quorn, overall it seems to be a somewhat safe meat alternative for those looking to cut down on animal-based meat. Just be sure to eat it in moderation.

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