Spicy falafel wrap

The falafel wrap has always been a go-to for me at home. But have you tried a spicy falafel wrap?

It’s literally like a regular falafel wrap but on steroids.

This vegan spicy falafel wrap is going to be a go-to for your weekly meals. Also pairing beautifully with the crispy falafel and fresh salad veggies

What’s in this spicy falafel wrap?

This wrap has the same ingredients as a regular falafel wrap (falafel, hummus, salad and pickle), with added onion, pickled jalapeños, hot chilli pepper pickle and sriracha.

It’s the perfect balance of heat and rich flavour.

Can you use shop-bought falafel mix for this?

I used shop-bought falafel in my case, the accidentally vegan falafel satchet kind; not everyone has time to make fresh falafels!

Feel free to use the refrigerated kind in this case. The toppings are what makes the bulk of it anyways.

What does this pair well with?

Our spicy falafel wrap pairs well with fries, as well as rice and veggie cous cous or quinoa (for those eating gluten free).

Falafel wraps tend to be really moreish so mostly they’re great to eat on their own.

This spicy wrap recipe is great for anyone looking for a quick 15-minute lunch idea or even a mid week dinner idea.

This one’s even budget friendly for those looking to save money on their portions.

vegan spicy falafel wrap

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Vegan spicy falafel wrap
If you like spicy food and falafel you'll love our spicy falafel wrap recipe. Perfect for using that spare falafel mix lying around in the pantry.
veganised spicy falafel wrap
Prep Time 15 Minutes
Passive Time 15 Minutes
Prep Time 15 Minutes
Passive Time 15 Minutes
veganised spicy falafel wrap
  1. Prepare your falafels (if you haven’t already), drain excess oil and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, thinly slice and de-seed pickled jalapeños and onion into strips, set aside. Wash lettuce and slice into thin strips too.
  3. Wash cucumber and cherry tomatoes under running water and chop into small quarters on the chopping board. For the cucumber, cut into slices, then quarters.
  4. Add chopped cucumbers and tomatoes to a bowl, sprinkle on salt and the vinegar, then set aside.
  5. Lay out wraps on separate plates, then spread hummus in the centre. Then add the pickled hot pepper, followed by pickled jalapeños and 4-5 falafels, making sure to leave an inch of space from the wrap’s edges.
  6. Add the cucumber and tomato mix, followed by onion. Drizzle on sriracha.
  7. With one side, fold into the adjacent side, tucking the bottom side in as you fold. Ensure the other side is wrapped around snugly, using a toothpick if you need to hold it steady, alternatively you can toast it.
  8. Serve and enjoy hot or cold!
Recipe Notes

Pickled hot peppers are pretty hot, so try it before adding a full tsp to your wrap, perhps starting at 0.5 tsp to test first.

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